"Versico Incorporated is a leader in high performance, low-slope single ply roofing systems.  Part of the Carlisle Construction Materials Group, a fortune 500 company listed on the NYSE.  Versico is one of the largest producers of TPO, PVC, and EPDM Roofing Systems in the world.  If you are a commercial roofing contractor looking for the leader in energy efficient, lead compliant roofing systems, or a building owner looking to maximize roofing system performance, while working withing a budget, while adding to the bottom line through lower life cycle costs, and lower utility costs, Versico is your single source manufacturer for single ply roofing systems.

Versico Versiweld Reinforced TPO Membrane

Versiweld is a heat-weldable single ply membrane designed for new construction and reroofing applications.   Versiweld TPO was the first TPO membrane ever introduced to the roofing industry in 1990, and our experience is unmatched in the industry.  Available in thicknesses ranging from the economy of .045″  to .080″ thickness, Versico offers a solution for ever project.   With Warranties available from 10 yrs, to 30 Yrs, Versico has the solution for all your roofing problems.  These membranes are highly reflective, with high breaking and tearing strength, stong puncture and chemical resistance, and are extremely lightweight compared to SBS and APP Modified Bitumen Systems, or traditional Built Up Roofing Systems.  In many instances, these lightweight systems do not require the old roof to be torn off.

Versifleece Fleece-Back Reinforced TPO Membranes
Versifleece Membranes are available in thicknesses ranging from 100 Mil up to 155 Mil, and can be applied either Mechanically Attached, Fully Adhered, or asphalt applied.   Offering the highest puncture resistance in the industry, these fleece-back assemblies are the ideal solution for roofing systems with large amounts of traffic, penetrations, or for Solar Applications where punctures might be an issue.  The Versifleece AC membranes, are asphalt compatible, and the perfect solution for contractors who want the energy efficient, lightweight benefits of single ply roofing, but still prefer the traditional methods of application like hot asphalt, and cold applied installation.   These Asphalt applied systems are often favored by roofing consultants who favor multi-ply systems that incorporate SBS Modified Base Sheets, Ply IV and Ply VI fiberglass felts, these systems offer the best of both worlds.  Whether applied with Versico’s Dash 2-Part Low Rise Polyurathane Adhesive, Aquabase 120 Water Based Adhesive, Hot Asphalt, or even Mechanically Attached, these systems offer the best puncture resistance, hail resistance,  and overall performance with warranties up to 30 Years.

Versico Versiflex Reinforced PVC Membrane
Versico offers the largest variety of PVC Membranes available in the roofing industry.   PVC has long been considered the most time tested single ply membrane in the industry,  no other manufacturer offers a larger variety of PVC Roofing Systems than Verisco.  Offering thicknesses from .050″ to .080″ and warranties from 10 to 30 years, Versico has a PVC Roofing System option for you.    Verisflex membranes are highly resistant to grease, chemicals and animal fats, extremely reflective, heat weldable membranes.  Versiflex membranes are also available in standard PVC formulation, fiberglass reinforced, and with the Dupont Elvaloy, let us design a  PVC Roofing Assembly for you.

Versico VersiFLEECE PVC KEE HP Membrane
VersiFLEECE KEE HP membrane features a high-strength combination of Elvaloy KEE copolymer along with Fiberglass Reinforcing Scrim and our polyester fleece backing.  Elvaloy KEE is a flexible solid that won’t migrate out of the sheet over time, keeping the membrane more pliable and weldable as it ages.  The Fiberglass reinforcing scrim is designed to provide dimensional stability to the sheet for fully adhered applications.  The Fleece backing enhances the puncture resistance of the sheet as well as providing a built in separation layer for rough concrete decks or existing asphaltic-based roofing systems.

Versigard EPDM Membranes
Versigard EPDM Membranes have been time tested for over 40 years, and are available in both Un-Reinforced and Reinforced Membranes.   Considered to be the most sustainable roofing product in the world, Versigard EPDM Membranes are a good solution for owners looking for a product that has stood the test of time.  While EPDM is most prevalent in the Midwest and North Eastern U.S., Versico also offers white EPDM membranes, that are often used in the southern United States."

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